Let’s build better relations.

Sure the creative, tech. media & data. silo’s have to be broken down in order to build great CX. But even more important is that we have to focus on learning ourselves the foundations of why and how we build and grow meaningful relationships.

Therefore empathy is key but it’s often placed in the wrong context. Empathy helps us to imagine being in the place of another person and feel what they feel. In the media/tech. industry we use data to do this. But that’s just one side of the coin!  We often seem to forget that we’re not here to better understand our customers.

We’re here to act on it!

Giving customers the support and help they need. And surprise them every now and then. Only this will lead to more sustainable relationships and growth. Therefore Empathy should always be combined with Compassion. Like data should always be combined with design.

Let’s build better relations.

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