The formula for Customer Experience Management: start with the outcomes.

In this series of blog posts, we invite you to dive into the realm of Customer Experience Management: what it entails and how to equip your organization for the future. In this first blog, we begin at the outset: the significance of providing excellent customer experiences (CX) and the exclusive formula for achieving this. 2020 […]

Let’s build better relations.

Make this text a bit more rich and easier to understand: Alright folks, listen up. If you want to build great CX, you gotta break down those pesky silos – creative, tech, media, data – they all gotta work together. But here’s the thing, it’s not just about understanding your customers, it’s about taking action. […]

Now that it’s all taking much longer. 2 small Sales & Marcom Neuro tips.

Last week, thousands of professionals started flooding social media with articles titled “Discover how to use your existing content to drive next-gen customer experiences,” “Learn more about how SMEs can benefit from digital transformation and what critical success factors are,” and the absolute gem: “43% of CEOs say IT teams are replaceable, but WE know […]

Digital Help Squad

Digital Help Squad helpt bedrijven in nood Kleine ondernemers, scholen en verpleeghuizen zijn vaak digitaal nog niet klaar om aan de nieuwe eisen die social distancing aan ons stelt te voldoen. Veel van deze partijen hebben nog geen professionele digitale omgeving en lopen met vragen rond. Dutch Digital Agencies, de brancheorganisatie van de top digitale […]

How I didn’t solve Google’s riddle

During my study time at the Royal Academy of Arts around 2006, I heard some rumours about a remarkable job ad. Somewhere in the U. S. stood a billboard with a code and when you would solve that code you got a job at Google. I became fascinated by this amazing simple and elegant idea. […]

Let’s roll up those sleeves and ask yourself, how will you reflect on this moment in time?

All right, folks, let’s talk COVID-19. It all started in February, with a little virus that was just like the flu…or so we thought. Our Breda office was getting ready to party for Carnival, but then the cancellations came rolling in like a tidal wave. North Brabant took a beating. Turns out, young people could […]

Google Glass ingezet om autistische jongeren te helpen

De Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA) en Universiteit Leiden zijn een experiment gestart om jongeren met een Autisme Spectrum Stoornis (ASS) te helpen bij de verwerking van sociale informatie. Onderzoekster Marcia Goddard legt in een voorlichtingsfilmpje over project GEMMA uit dat er in het laboratorium van Universiteit Leiden veel mensen met een ASS langskomen. Zij hebben […]