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Welcome to Joffrey Hoijer’s website, where brains, beauty, and brands come together. Joffrey is a digital transformation expert, utilizing his passion for neuropsychology to create change that resonates with organizations and audiences. He’s a thought leader on the future of marketing, and even shares his expertise as a visiting teacher at top companies, schools, and universities. With over 10+ years of experience working with industry giants like Ahold, Google, Netflix, Heineken, and Salesforce, Joffrey knows how to create value through data-driven insights and innovative solutions. Let Joffrey guide your digital transformation journey to success by reaching out today!

Meet the solution-slinging, industry-hopping, lecture-giving machine that is Joffrey ;-). Formerly of MediaMonks and Digitas LBi, this VP of solutions at Merkle has also lent his expertise to big-name brands like Airbnb, Amazon, Burger King, and Disney (just to name a few). And when he’s not busy shaking up the business world, you can find him giving electrifying talks at institutions like Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Erasmus University, and even Google itself. So buckle up, folks, because this guy is the real deal.

Joffrey Hoijer is a busy man, but if you want to hear him speak, let’s make it happen. Slide into his LinkedIn DMs and let’s get this party started. LinkedIn