Prepare for a thrilling collaboration as Kinder, the beloved brand, teams up with the renowned experts at Mediamonks strategically led Joffrey Hoijer for an ambitious digital transformation journey. Together, they embark on a mission to explore the vast realm of digital technology, with a focus on research, development, and the creation of educational content for the Magic Kinder app.

Empowering Families Through Digital Experiences

At the heart of this partnership lies a commitment to empower families and foster interactive learning experiences. The Magic Kinder app, driven by this shared vision, is set to become a beacon of knowledge and entertainment for children and parents alike. Together, they aim to advance children’s learning through captivating digital adventures.

Mediamonks: Shaping the Future of Education

Mediamonks, leveraging their unmatched expertise, will play a pivotal role in crafting robust app content that aligns with the core principles of children’s learning. As millions of children across the globe engage with digital technology during critical developmental stages, Kinder acknowledges the importance of providing meaningful learning opportunities. This collaboration serves as a testament to their dedication to modern education.

A Unified Mission: Nurturing Happy Children

Kinder’s profound mission to nurture happy children perfectly aligns with Mediamonks’ unwavering commitment to educational excellence. Together, they take a significant stride towards engaging families in their children’s play and unlocking the mysteries of learning in the digital age. This partnership is set to redefine the way we approach education, making it an exciting journey for both children and parents.

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