Theo Gevers, a professor at UvA and part of the COMMIT/project INFINITI, has developed emotion recognition software for the ‘Google Glass for Gemma’ project.

This collaborative experiment between the University of Amsterdam and Leiden University, in partnership with COMMIT/partner and UvA spin-off Sightcorp, focuses on using Google Glass to assist young individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in processing social information.

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Joffrey Hoijer joined forces with researchers to create a Google Glass application, merging emotion recognition software and Google Glass. This innovative solution holds promise for individuals with ASD.

The project’s concept involves individuals with autism, referred to as Gemma in this experiment, practicing at home using Google Glass to respond with appropriate emotional expressions to others. Over the course of a three-month experiment, various teams from both universities came together to develop this application.

The software can detect multiple points in a person’s face, analyze the data, and provide feedback to the user on whether the displayed emotion is suitable for the given situation. The project’s goal was to demonstrate the practical usability of the application, which has been achieved. A potential next phase involves testing the application with autistic youth who could benefit from this technology.

Original article: EOS Wetenschap

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