The KNVB, known across the Netherlands as the largest sports association with over 1.2 million members and a team of more than 500 dedicated individuals, is charting an exciting course for the next four years. At Merkle, I’m incredibly proud to announce that we’ve secured a partnership with KNVB to bring their vision to life.

Our Shared Mission

Together, we’re embarking on a mission to take Dutch football to new heights and harness its unifying power for a positive impact on society. This journey is a collaborative effort, with participation from professional football clubs, grassroots associations, government entities, and both social and commercial partners.

The Orange Thread

For the KNVB, orange isn’t just a color; it’s their DNA. It’s the symbol of their unique football landscape, and it’s the hue that colors the world. Every weekend, hundreds of thousands gather at football clubs and stadiums, while millions more follow the game from their homes. It’s this strong foundation that has already delivered numerous accomplishments. For over 50 years, KNVB’s clubs and national teams have been competing at the highest levels, bolstered by their passionate Oranjelegioen.

A Vision for the Future

In this new strategic plan, we’re building upon this rich legacy. The way football is played and experienced is evolving, and we intend to evolve with it. This applies to both amateur and professional football. Our ambitions are high: to strengthen the foundation of amateur football, elevate professional football to European prominence, and dare to dream of our men’s and women’s teams becoming world champions. These ambitions are encapsulated in our six core objectives.

Learn More about KNVB’s Vision

Discover more about the KNVB’s strategic plan and their commitment to the future of Dutch football here.

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