Merkle Netherlands has once again secured its position among the top agencies in the Netherlands, achieving high honors in three distinct categories of the Emerce 100.

Emerce 100 conducts an image survey in which industry decision-makers assess the performance of service providers across numerous categories. Merkle Netherlands has consistently earned exceptional scores in the survey, landing top positions in three different categories:

β€’ Large Digital Marketing Agencies: 1st place with 5.5 stars β€’ Marketing Automation Agencies: 2nd place with 6 stars β€’ Large Full-Service Digital Agencies: 4th place with 5.5 stars

Joffrey Hoijer, the VP of Strategy at Merkle Netherlands, cheekily quips, “We’re more delighted than a kid in a candy store about our Emerce 100 rankings! We’ve been holding our ground among the Netherlands’ digital agency elite for as long as we can remember. Our team toils away day in and day out, crafting innovative, jaw-dropping, and personalized customer experiences that span more platforms than we have coffee cups. And believe me, we’ve got a lot of coffee cups. These top rankings are like a high-five from our teammates and a gold star from our clients. And let’s not forget to give a virtual round of applause to the other superheroes in the top 100! πŸŒŸπŸ’ΌπŸš€”

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