Pathé and Merkle strategely led by Joffrey Hoijer collaborated on an innovative data-driven strategy that tailors ads based on location, film popularity, and even weather conditions.

Imagine checking your phone on a rainy day and seeing a personalized message: “Rainy day? Seek shelter at Pathé Tuschinski.” This tailored ad is now a reality for movie enthusiasts. It appears only when it’s actually raining in Amsterdam, ensuring relevance.

Targeted marketing is nothing new, but integrating local weather into ads is unique. Merkle emphasizes that relevance is key, especially for location-based businesses. The campaign targets individuals with ads for films screening nearby and currently popular at that cinema.


To enhance relevance, the ads include weather-based text and images.’s automation tools create 104 ads updated based on weather and location, eliminating manual work.

Weather data significantly impacts cinema visits, with CTR and conversion rates rising by 2.7%, and CPA decreasing by 13%. Dynamic video ads on Facebook and Instagram continued this success, further reducing CPA by 43%.

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